Semester I Sept 18, 2023--Jan 20, 2024
Semester II  Feb 5, 2024--June 15, 2024

Each Semester runs 15 weeks [which includes Parent Observation at final class of Semester I and year-end final Showcase in early June] and mostly follows the Dobbs Ferry School calendar.  A $100 deposit is recommended a month ahead of each Semester in order to assure class placement.  Tuition balances are due at the first class.  A once yearly registration fee of $25 [$20 for siblings] is due when registering.            
Tuition is as follows:  $375 for a 45 min class per Semester           [$338 w/10% discount]
                                  $400 for a 1 hour class per Semester           [$360 w/10% discount]
                                  There will be a slight extra charge for classes with less than 3 students
                       [Other family members receive a 10% discount as do students taking an additional class.]
The registration form below [also available at studio] can be selected, copied and pasted on to a word document.  After completing the form,
you may email it to the studio or mail it in w/your deposit/tuition payment to:        Dance & Theater Arts Studios                                                                               janettabetz@optimum.net                                                    145 Palisade St  #376   
                                                 914-231-9179                                                              Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Tuition may be paid by cash or check. PayPal may be used but contact the studio first.
Please call the office if you plan to bring by your registration/tuition, or wish to speak to me in person.  Feel free to call or email us at the office with any questions or concerns.  Trial classes can be arranged for $25 per class.                                                                                        
For those who are new to our studio, we’d like to provide some introductory remarks. As teachers and performers, we have found that training in the arts teaches a child/adult how to achieve excellence through individual discipline and mastery of technique. This self-mastery extends into all areas of a student’s development, and this “process” will be the focus of all our classes at the studio.  This is where the JOY lives!  We are very proud to have our distinguished faculty—Janetta Betz, Akiko Ko-Taiano, Robert Lindner & guest artists—teaching at the studio.

                                                           Dance & Theater Arts Studios
                                                          Registration Form

Student Name:_____________________________________ D.O.B.________________

Parent(s) Name(s) 1._______________________________________________________
                              2. _______________________________________________________


Primary Email(s)__________________________________________________________

Home Phone #______________________Cell # _____________________Work #_____________________

Emergency Contact:_________________________________Phone #____________________

             Special Needs or Allergies: _________________________________________________

Class: 1._________________________________ Day______________ Time ________

                        2._________________________________ Day_______________ Time________

                        3._________________________________ Day_______________ Time________

   I, the undersigned, understand that dancing and all physical activity carries certain risks.  I do hereby agree to release  Dance & Theater Arts Studios, its directors and employees, from any and all claims for personal injury [including all health consequences/risks associated with    Covid-19] or property loss, to myself, my caregiver and my child,  sustained while participating in said classes and activities in conjunction with this studio.  Parents are responsible to pay for any physical damage to the studio incurred by a student's negligence.

   I have read, and comply with the above statement:

                             Signature:______________________________________ Date:__________________

                Office Use Only

                SM I DEPOSIT / PIF __________ DATE__________ PAYMENT TYPE_________ CK #__________ 
                        BALANCE______________ DATE__________ PAYMENT TYPE_________ CK #__________

                SM II DEPOSIT / PIF__________ DATE__________ PAYMENT TYPE__________CK #_________
                          BALANCE_____________ DATE__________  PAYMENT TYPE__________CK#__________