CLASS DESCRIPTIONS                               

                                 Dance Classes

Pre-School Ballet levels teach fundamental technique, with an emphasis on ‘fun’, using a variety of classic music styles, props, and creative movements & rhythms honoring the child’s imagination.        

Elementary Ballet levels continue to teach Ballet terms, positions and early barrework. Self-expression and musicality encourage more coordinated steps.                                                                         

Intermediate Ballet/Pre-Pointe levels maintain more extensive barre and floor technique, step combinations, and choreography. Some students will begin/continue pointe shoe education and technique.           Tap levels teach rhythm and coordination, muscle isolation; a variety of music for dancing feet. 

Creative Dance [Brain Dance] Having interactive fun, exploring movement concepts, developing dance skills, strengthening the body and brain in a rudimntary Modern Dance setting.  

Creative Modern More technically challenging than Creative Dance, this class is for dancers ready to learn more skills while continuing to have fun improvising and choreographing.

Jazz/Hip-Hop levels teach muscle memory though muscle isolation, coordination, rhythm and dance combinations. Choreography is infused with classic and contemporary technique.  

Contemporary Dance is for skilled dancers; combining Ballet, Jazz & Modern technique to create dances in various styles  of today's music and rhythms.       



                              Theater Classes

Broadway/Jazz Dance levels combine Jazz, Ballet and Modern technique to train dancers of all ages. Contemporary music for warm-up, Broadway & Movie Musical choreography styles for center floor, provide decades of dancing fun (Musicals from 1920’s to the present).       

Creative Movement and Song is a unique program combining elements of dance, drama and song into an energetic, fun-filled learning experience. Movement, rhythm and listening skills are taught through the use of music and poems ranging from nursery rhymes to silly songs.                                         

Animated Classics Song & Dance is an introductory Musical Theatre class that’s fun and energetic. Children learn acting, singing & dancing skills in a comfortable and nurturing environment, along with classic animated stories and music.  A favorite throughout Westchester!             Broadway Prep/‘GLEE’ Clubs provide the Musical Theatre student technique in Acting, Singing & presentation styles in a process-oriented environment. Song coaching, audition & performance preparation build confidence for the stage. For Singers Who Move!

Acting Escapades students explore acting technique through stories ranging from the classics to contemporary. Expression, diction and confidence are the key to this imaginative process. Improvisation skills will also be utilized.                                                                                   Teen/Adult Actors Workshops  are acting technique classes using improvisation exercises designed to stimulate imagination, build confidence, and foster originality in an enjoyable environment. Script & monologue preparation included. Stage experience welcomed.

Teen/Adult Vocal Cabaret Workshop  provides professional voice technique and individual/group song coaching with a pianist/musical director. Class will culminate in a studio and/or cabaret performance.  

Teen/Adult BYP Dance Get in shape w/core conditioning/stretch exercises in basic Barre, Yoga & Pilates techniques.  Class ends w/a fun variety of dance styles.

Argentine Tango/Swing Dance this 10 week course [$250] is a fun & recreational class for couples & singles of all ages.  Let loose, socialize & get exercise before dinner or another dance event!

Adult Classes available for Modern, Ballet and Broadway/Jazz Dance,